Cautious with COVID-19


Sunday - 9:45 AM Sunday School and 11:00 AM Worship Service

Cautious with COVID-19

We care about y0u, and are continuing to be proactive on minimizing exposure to COVID-19.   We routinely have the church cleaned by our volunteers and have supplies on hand for additional cleaning.

We also ask that y0u join us in doing the following:

  • Check your temperature prior to coming to any event.  Any time your temperature is over 100.4, please consult your medical provider on self-care and do not attend an in-person event.

  • Wear a mask during y0ur entire time on the church campus.   This is to protect you as well as minimize exposure for someone else.  

  • Maintain a six foot distance from non-household members.  We encourage people from the same household to sit t0gether, and those who do not live together to sit and stand six feet apart.

  • Clean the area you  will use  We provide and ask that you clean y0ur sitting area and even the restroom prior to and after using them.  This ensures you kn0w that your area was cleaned to y0ur standards prior to using them.

  • Maintain the flow of traffic.  We encourage people to enter from East Street double door entrance that is at the back of the sanctuary and exit the two side doors directly into the parking lot. We ask that people not congregate in the aisles and hallways.

  • Prior to coming to an event, do a “self check”.  Do you have a fever, a sore throat, a cough, extreme fatigue? If you or a member of your household have any of these symptoms, it’s better to remain at home than attend the church event.